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Services Offered

Private and available for group bookings | 202.368.4395: 


  • Private lessons in American Kenpo Karate (Certified Kenpo Black belt – Jeff Speakman’s American Kenpo Karate Systems – AKKS)
    • Privates
    • Groups
    • Seminars
  • Women’s Self-Defense classes (Private and available for group bookings)
  • Firearms Training (Private and available for group bookings at local ranges)
    • Firearm’s safety Instruction
    • Firearm’s marksmanship Instruction
    • Home tactics / Counter-Intruder


With over 15 years of experience from being security officers in Washington DC nightclubs, we bring you realistic training from personal experience where we used our skills on a weekly basis in real life scenarios. From our Law Enforcement and Military experience we bring you practical training used to keep our men and women in uniform safe while executing their duties.

  • Learn self discipline!
  • Become healthy!
  • Loose weight!
  • Learn to defend yourself!

QUESTION: If you want to exercise, why not choose a form of exercise that also provides you skills in life that one day may save your life?